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Funding your studies

Quality higher education at an affordable price
At ARU London we do everything we can to ensure that we offer you quality higher education at an affordable price.
Our timetable optimises the chance of securing a part-time job during the week (international students are permitted to work up to 20 hours a week during term time), a part-time job can really help cover the costs of your time at university. Our timetable also helps keep travel costs to a minimum by reducing the number of days you will have to travel in.
Our tuition fee also includes a copy of the core textbook for each module - at many traditional universities, compulsory reading materials can cost around £300 a year.
Student Loan for UK/EU students - Undergraduate degree courses Students from the UK and elsewhere in the EU are eligible for: A loan of up to cover tuition fees
A loan to help with living expenses - the amount you can borrow will depend on your family's finances If you would like to start a Student Loan ap…

Questions and answers for potential students

Useful information for Applicants about education in England.
International student service agency
What are the monthly costs in London? The main costs that each student would have in England are those for accommodation, transport and food. They vary with the way of life, but as a total average monthly cost per month we would advise you to prepare between £ 800-1000.

The ability to work while you study is certainly positive because the college program is designed to allow students to work full-time and still be able to attend lectures and prepare well. Information Cost of rent? The cost of rent will depend on where you are in London and whether you will live alone or share your home with someone. Here are the average rental rates according to the location of the accommodation: 

East London - about 650-750 pounds per month if you live alone in a one-room apartment and between 290 and 390 pounds a month if you share the apartment with a roommate…

Higher education institutions in the UK

Student finance Funding available towards the tuition fees and living expences STUDENT FUNDING FOR EDUCATION IN THE UK
Higher education institutions in the UK
1. Overview
The main student finance package includes a:Tuition Fee Loan
Maintenance Loan - full-time students only
Maintenance Grant or Special Support Grant - full-time students onlyYou might get extra help on top of this.
Tuition fee loans pay for your course. Maintenance loans and grants help with living costs (eg accommodation, books, bills). You have to pay back loans but you don’t need to pay back grants.
You apply for student finance every year. You don’t need a confirmed place at university or college to apply.

Tuition Fee Loan
English or EU full-time or part-time students can apply for a Tuition Fee Loan.
The loan is paid directly to your university or college. You have to pay it back.

Full-time studentTuition Fee Loan Full-time  Up to £9,250
Full-time at a private university or college         Up to £6,150

Part-time studentTuitio…

Финансиране на студенти

Програма за финансиране на студенти за обучение в Англия
Кой отпуска средствата?
Държавата, чрез Student Loans Company ( ) – държавна организация с нестопанска цел, която от 1989 г. осигурява на студентите заеми и варианти за финансиране на обучение във Великобритания. 
Главният пакет за финансиране на студенти в Англия включва:Заем за покриване на семестриалните такси
Заем за издръжка
Стипендия за издръжкаИма и допълнително финансиране за:Студенти по медицина
Студенти по социални дейности
Студенти по педагогика
Студенти с деца или с инвалидност*Много университети дават и стипендии и награди на студентите си.

Заеми и отпускане на суми
Редовните студенти могат да кандидатстват за:Заем за покриване на семестриалните такси
Заем за издръжка (пари за квартира, храна, сметки)
Стипендия за издръжка
Допълнителна финансова помощ от университета, ако сте с ниски доходиЗадочниците и студентите от държави в Европейския съюз могат да кандидатств…